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Aging and Your Pet

services4Time waits on no man or beast.  Our pets, like us, age over time.  However, aging in our pets is a multifactor process.  Genetics, dietary habits, body condition, and exercise routine all play a part in how our pet may age.  At Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic our team strives to help you provide the necessary care to keep your pet feeling young and healthy for as long as possible.  We will discuss with you in detail what diseases are more common at certain ages and what we need to do to screen for or treat those illnesses.

You may ask your veterinarian, “How old is my dog/cat in human years?”  The answer can be complicated, so we came up with an aging chart for dogs and cats. These charts include some of our recommendations for each age group at the bottom.  Please enjoy!

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cat age dog age chart